History of Toxik Design Labs
Toxik Design Lab began operating in 1994 in Vancouver, BC. Initial clients included bicycle and motorcycle owners eager to demonstrate the beauty of their possessions.
Starting in the late 1990's, Toxik Design Lab shifted the focus of its business strategy to residential painting and graphic design. Clients for advertising and fliers included event organizers, concert promoters, DJs and band managers, plus local company executives seeking custom logo design and general desktop publishing services. The Lab even won an award for Best Newsletter with a clever design for the Health Association of BC.
In 2000, Toxik Design Lab returned to its core business of custom painting services for metal objects. During the last several years, TDL has delivered professional results for discriminating clients that include individual bike owners and established bike manufacturers like Dekerf(tm) and Rocky Mountain(tm).
To further increase the quality of service for its growing number of clients, TDL moved its operation in October 2005 to a 1500sqf facility equipped with a 250sqf custom spray booth specifically designed for smaller objects. Toxik Design Lab is now set up for full on custom paint work. Come and see the many samples and crazy colours in our showroom.
Toxik Design Lab is the proud host and sponsor of the annual "Spring National Cruiser Ride and Custom Bicycle Show'n'Shine" held each year in April.