Harald Strasser immigrated to Canada from Austria at the age of seventeen. He established an active presence in the arts communities of Toronto and later Vancouver. By the early 1990's, Harald's works were being displayed in local Vancouver restaurants and on the walls of postmodern culture.
In 1992, Harald joined the team at Brodie Research & Tech(tm) as an apprentice painter under the tutelage of Art Taylor. There he gained a worldwide reputation as one of the bike industry's most gifted paint specialists, earning the nickname that has since become his trademark: Toxik Harald.
Later, with a certificate earned in Computer Graphics from Vancouver Community College, Harald spent several years as a graphic designer, desktop publisher and purveyor of quality painting services for residents of Vancouver's west side. He also continued to build his reputation as a premium custom painter with projects for individuals and for manufacturers like Dekerf Cycles(tm).
In 2003, Harald initiated a fundamental shift in his approach to professional life, changing from a freelancer and employee into an entrepreneur and business owner. He registered Toxik Design Lab and in the Spring of 2004 participated in the EASE program for self-employment success.
Harald enjoys spending Sunday afternoons on his 1940's CCM Rambler, cruising along the shores of Vancouver and the suburbs of Richmond...